If it’s broken, let us fix it. If your bass just isn’t playing or sounding the way you like it, give it to us for an adjustment. You won’t be disappointed!

Many times, by upgrading one aspect of your instrument’s set-up, we can transform your bass so it is much easier to play, sounds so much better, or both.

You should also know that we’re always happy to talk to bass players about their instruments – so call, e-mail, or pay us a visit. Repairs are done quickly and competently; we have worked on instruments ranging in price from $499.99 to $80,000.00, and we’re proud of the results. Testimonials cheerfully given upon request.

One of our specialties is to work with school orchestra directors to get their school basses in tip-top shape, so that beginning, inexperienced fingers won’t have too rough of a fight! And we can do it all within most budgets. Give SMR Doublebasses a try!